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Box Three V-Brake Kit

Brand: Box

Code: BCBX3K85K

Code: BCBX3K108K

Code: BCBX3K85B

Code: BCBX3K108B

Code: BCBX3K85R

Code: BCBX3K108R

Code: BCBX3K85S

Code: BCBX3K108S

Code: BCBX3K108D

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Brand: Box

The Box Three Brake is available in 85mm with short reach lever or 108mm with long reach lever. Included are the two-tone, dual-compound pads that feature a unique finned design that helps improve airflow. The Philips head tension screws aid installation and makes toe-in adjustments simple and easy.

Box Three™ V-Point Brake Levers are the most versatile levers in the entire Box family. Available in either short or long reach versions, Box Three Levers are reversible, allowing users to 'flip' the lever for use on either side of the handlebar. Other features include reaching adjustment for accurate positioning and a barrel adjuster to fine-tune cable tension.


  • Cold-Forged From 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Up To 35mm Of Brake Pad Adjustment
  • Box Three™ Air Flow Brake Shoes W/Dual Compound Pads
  • Brass Bushings, Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Phillips Head Tension Screw
  • 5mn Allen Key To Secure Cable On Right Arm
  • Kit Includes Box Two Black Brake Housing and Stainless Steel Cable
  • Available is 5 colours
  • NOTE: Lever NOT compatible with carbon bars