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Box Two Prime 9 Speed / BMX Race Chain

Brand: Box

Code: CHBX2P926S

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Brand: Box

The Box Two chain's nickel plating adds both corrosion and wear resistance. All Prime 9 chains have chamfered shifting edges, solid plates and solid pins to safeguard durability. Our unique inner link spacing is engineered to grab those modern wide/narrow chainrings. Box has chosen to modernise the 9-speed platform due to the chain's spirited reputation.


  • Prime 9 Technology
  • Box's Most Durable Chain
  • Wide/Narrow Chainring Compatible
  • Durable Hardened Solid Pins
  • Includes Nickel Connecting Link
  • Nickel Plated Protection

Also works well with BMX 3/32" Chainrings and Sprockets