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BSD Aero Pro Rim

Brand: BSD

Code: RIM004

Code: RIM006

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Brand: BSD


The new Aero Pro rim from BSD may look like a lightweight rim but don’t let it’s aerodynamic styling fool you. Like it’s big brother, the NASA rim, it’s design has been engineered with strength as the key feature. The Aero Pro rim has extra thick tapered sidewalls, angled spoke seats designed to accommodate proven cross-over lacing and a curved inner strut. It also has two intra cavity supports further increasing the radial stiffness and axial strength.


  Aero rim styling                                            

  Extra thick tapered sidewalls                  

  Extra thick tapered spoke seats             

  Aligned cross over lacing                          

  Curved inner strut

  Can be used with brakes

  36mm wide x 20mm tall

  6066-T6 construction 

  Outer Diameter: 419mm

  ERD: 384mm

  Weight: 520g

  Colours: Black or Chrome