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BSD Donnastreet Folding Tyre Black

Brand: BSD

Code: TIRE025

Code: TIRE026

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Brand: BSD

The Donnastreet tyre from BSD now also comes in a new folding Kevlar bead version based on the same proven rubber and tread design as the original. The folding Donnastreet tyre features the same all over smoother tread for more grip and sidewalls which sit further round the side of the tyre wall for better grind performance with the added benefits of the Kevlar bead making it lighter weight and foldable (you can carry one in your backpack). 

•  Foldable Kevlar bead

•  Lighter weight than regular Donnastreet

•  Smooth centre for low rolling resistance
•  Extra grippy & super squeaky compound– Tear resistant silkworm casing

•  Rated up to 110 psi

•  Weight : 2.3″ – 638g