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BSD Jonesin Fork

Brand: BSD

Code: FRK026

Code: FRK027

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Brand: BSD

New from BSD are Sam Jones signature forks, with a 22mm offset this fork is for riders who love the extra responsiveness of a quick reacting front end while keeping it street tough. Whether he’s spinnin’, nosin’ or just jonesin’, Sam Jones likes that extra edge up front to keep him balanced. 

The Jonesin’ Fork Features:
•  Fully heat treated 4130 chromoly fork
•  22mm offset invest cast dropouts
•  New CNC machined one piece steerer
•  Tapered butted legs
•  New improved clearance for 2.4” tyres
•  Integrated headset race
•  7075 steerer cap
•  Offset : 22mm
•  Weight : 2.2lbs