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BSD Mind Revolution x NASA Rear Freecoaster Wheel

Brand: BSD

Code: WHL052

Code: WHL053

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Brand: BSD

BSD's latest complete rear freecoaster wheel built around the amazing new lightweight Revolution freecoaster hub and BSD NASA rim, using BSD spokes and rimtape. 

Includes Jersey Barrier hubguards.

BSD introduces a new generation of freecoaster hubs - the BSD Revolution feels like a cassette hub, weighs the same as a cassette hub, has a pedal gap like a cassette hub and sounds like a cassette hub. 

It’s been tested rigorously over the last two years and we are excited to offer it to you now. Utilising the Planetary clutch system that functions in a unique and revolutionary way, the BSD Revolution hub eliminates many of the problems associated with the heavyweight traditional cone style clutch design.

• 30% lighter than conventional freecoaster hubs.
• No gap when pedalling forward.
• Eradicates unwanted engagement on rollbacks.
• Feels and sounds like a cassette hub.
• No need for oversized hub bearings due to low axial load.
• Supertough hollow male 14mm chromo axle.
• BSD hubguards included.

The NASA rim is designed to be stiff both laterally and radially. Based on an I-beam design with extra thick tapered sidewalls, tapered spoke seats, cross over lacing and a curved inner strut. Intergalactic.
• Outer Diameter : 419mm
• ERD : 388mm
• Weight : 498g


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