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BSD Substance Cranks

Brand: BSD

Code: CRNK046

Code: CRNK047

Code: CRNK044

Code: CRNK045

Code: CRNK042

Code: CRNK043

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Brand: BSD

• Single bolt design, 2.5pc cranks.
• Heat treated 4130 chromoly arms with rectangular cross section for increased stiffness.

• Heat treated 4130 chromoly 22mm diameter CNC machined 48 spline hollow spindle.

• Extra beefy pedal boss with angle on the back for frame clearance.

• RHD/LHD compatible.

• Lengths: 165mm, 170mm or 175mm

• Colours: Black or Raw

• Weight: 885g (1.95lbs).
• Installation/removal tool included.