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Clarks Disc Bleed Kit Tektro

Brand: Clarks


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Brand: Clarks

Clarks bleed kits have been developed in conjunction with cycle mechanics using a number of different manufactures brake systems to ensure they are fit for purpose, they offer superb value for money while maintaining the highest quality of components. All our Bleed kits are supplied with Stainless steel bleed nipples and seals to ensure a perfect tight fit and longevity of the components. The kit also has turn lock syringes and tubing to prevent blow off when under pressure, also all Bleed - tubing has individual lock out clips to prevent air pull backs, such features reduce bleeding time and ensure a perfectly bleed brake each and every time.

Tektro Bleed Kit Includes:

Turn-Lock Syringes X 2
Bleed Adapters with lock out feature X 2
Velcro Tie X 1
Pair Latex Gloves X 1
Bleed Block X 1
Rubber O Rings X 10


Product Information

Brand Models :
  • Tektro - All Road Models
Bike Compatibility : MTB, Hybrid