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Concrete and Smog Book

Brand: Concrete and Smog


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Brand: Concrete and Smog

"An important part of BMX freestyle history" - Bob Haro

"One of the most talented--and youngest--photographers in BMX" - John Ker/BMX PLUS!

424 pages from my lost archive of BMX freestyle photos spanning 1984-1985. Take a nostalgic trip back to the mid-80's, when we were young and BMX was life.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to shipping, these books many have small inperfections on them.

Includes coverage of some of the earliest AFA freestyle and King of the Skateparks contests, rad Pipeline sessions, and a behind the scenes perspective on the sponsored pros you haven’t seen before. Bonus section from 1988 delivers more AFA action and the infamous Meet the Street freestyle street contest which changed BMX forever.

More than a photobook, CONCRETE AND SMOG tells my story of catapulting from young BMX fanatic (and middle school dork) to one of only a half-dozen photographers behind the skatepark fence, working alongside BMX photo legends Bob Osborn and John Ker. Designed with the analog aesthetic of my original fanzines, the book weaves unseen photos with contemporary writings and vintage content into a four pound book of 1980s BMX freestyle history.

600+ original photos (over 500 never seen)
424 pages, 8.5x11" black & white, hardcover
Printed in the USA
ISBN 978-0-578-29101-7

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