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Haro x Fist Handwear Team Haro Gloves Black

Brand: Haro

Code: HM98590

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Brand: Haro

Fist Handwear team up with Haro to make this great-looking TEAM HARO glove, with the iconic  graphics from 1988. Touchscreen conductive index finger and thumb allow you to use your phone with your gloves on!

  • Minimalist, lightweight design for maximum performance and feel
  • Sublimated 4-way stretch elastane upper with full breathability and maximum comfort
  • Single-layer Clarino* palm for maximum feel and control
  • Spandex finger inserts for ultimate flexibility and mobility
  • Touchscreen conductive index finger and thumb

Adult Sizing Guide :

      • Please note, this sizing guide is simply that - a guide!
    • S - 8.5 - 9cm
    • M - 9 - 9.5cm
    • L - 9.5 - 10cm
    • XL - 10 -10.5cm