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Shadow Conspiracy Creeper 2.40 Tyre

Brand: Shadow Conspiracy

Code: TYSH014-BK1-2400

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Brand: Shadow Conspiracy

The Creeper is the latest a long line of performance tyres from Shadow Conspiracy. Designed for maximum street abuse, with a thick rubber and high thread count casing that allows up to 110 psi.

Using their most technical tread pattern to date, special sipes on the outer edge to hold fast on wallrides and vertical surfaces. The side tread is positioned out of the way for smooth grinds with no hang ups. The smooth centre keeps rolling resistance to a minimum. The ultimate street and park tyre.

  • 20” x 2.40”
  • 110 PSI
  • Strong steel bead
  • Weight: 31.6 oz
  • Colors: Black, Iroquois