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Cult Begin Heavens Gate Grips

Brand: Cult

Code: GRCU011-BK1-0000

Code: GRCU011-GU1-0000

Code: GRCU011-GR7-0000

Code: GRCU011-GU7-0000

Code: GRCU011-PI7-0000

Code: GRCU011-WH7-0000

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Brand: Cult

Bring down the heavens with Brandon Begins signature Heaven's Gate grip from Cult. Made with super soft Krayton rubber and a thinner diameter grip for more bar feel.

Small thin diameter made from soft krayton rubber.

Long 174mm length.

Nylon Cult bar ends included. 

Available in Black, Gum, Lime Green Swirl, Gum Swirl, Rose Pink Swirl and White Swirl