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Cult Crew Bars Chrome

Brand: Cult

Code: HACU011-CH1-9000

Code: HACU011-CH1-9350

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Code: HACU011-CH1-9650

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Brand: Cult

Cult Crew Bars are made from 100% heat-treated butted Chromoly to keep the strength up and the weight down, with pre-marked cut lines to help you cut and customise the width.

Chrome plated. 


0.820kg/ 1lb 13oz (9")
0.88kg/ 1lb 15oz (9.35")
0.9kg/ 1lb 16oz (9.65")


Butted heat-treated 4130 Chromoly
9", 9.35" or 9.65" rise
30" wide
2º upsweep
12º backsweep
22.2mm clamp