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Cult Dak Frame Sand

Brand: Cult

Code: FRCU060-TA4-2050

Code: FRCU060-TA4-2075

Code: FRCU060-TA4-2100

Code: FRCU060-TA4-2125

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Brand: Cult

Welcome to the fourth version of Dak Roche's signature Cult frame. Featuring a responsive short rear end and steep head tube angle, whilst a fairly low bottom bracket height and tall standover keeps the ride solid.


2.44kg/ 5lbs 6oz (20.5")
2.45kg/ 5lbs 6.5oz (20.75")
2.46kg/ 5lbs 7oz (21")
2.47kg/ 5lbs 7oz (21.25")


4130 Chromoly Steel
75.5° head tube angle
71° seat tube angle
9.25" standover
13.2" chainstays (slammed)
11.6" bottom bracket height
Heavy duty headtube and externally machined bottom bracket
Embossed logo top tube and down tube gussets
Tapered seatstays and chainstays for 2.4" tyre clearance
Investment cast seat post clamp and seatstay bridge
Accepts through-bolt removable brake mounts
Headtube tapped for Gyro tabs
Investment cast heat-treated dropouts
Top tube sizes: 20.5"/ 20.75"/ 21"/ 21.25"