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Cult Shorty IC Frame Raw

Brand: Cult

Code: FRCU053-RA1-2000

Code: FRCU053-RA1-2050

Code: FRCU053-RA1-2075

Code: FRCU053-RA1-2100

Code: FRCU053-RA1-2125

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Brand: Cult

The Cult Shorty with Invest Cast Seatclamp and Seatstay bridge in Raw available in 5 toptube sizes. 

PLEASE NOTE: This bike has a Translucent paint finish which means you can see the welds and anything else through the paint. It is generally not as durable as solid paint and can scratch easier. Additionally, the steel can develop sort of spider-web marks which of course you can see through the translucent paint, this is all part of the effect in a way, but we are just making you aware it. If this isn't for you, we'd suggest a non-translucent paint finish.  

Made from 100% cult classic tubing for increased strength
Top and down tube gussets 
Integrated headtube and externally machined mid BB shell 
Investment cast seatpost clamp and seatstay bridge 
S-bend chainstays with room for 2.40” tires 
Tapered seatstays with removable brake mounts 
Investment cast heat-treated dropouts 
Short, quick, and responsive back end 

75.5° ht, 70° st, 13”- 13.3” cs, and 11.8” bb 
8.65" standover 

20” / 20.5” / 20.75” / 21” / 21.25”