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Cult x Vans Wafflecup 2.4" BMX Tyre Black

Brand: Cult

Code: TYCU019-BK1-2400

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Brand: Cult

This exclusive Cult x Vans collaboration Tyre is designed to help you ride faster with a fast rolling centre strip, enhanced with a durable new Wafflecup Sole pattern. Crafted with a 60TPI sidewall, this 2.40" wide Tyre can take up to 110PSI. Perfected by Dakota Roche, this tyre is designed to help you reach your peak performance.


•  Dual compound.

•  Fast rolling, durable centre strip with classic Vans rubber outer pattern.

•  Puncture resistant DuraCap™ layer.

•  60 TPI

•  2.40”

•  110psi.