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Custom Wheelbuild with Spokes

Brand: Alans BMX





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Brand: Alans BMX

• We will build your wheel for free when you are ordering Rim and Hub at the same time, it will ask you at the basket if you want to select the build option, no need to add this item to the cart

.• We use quality Halo Spokes and will make sure the correct length is used everytime.

• Our wheels are hand build using a Park Tools wheel stand and come super true with lots of spoke tension.

• Do not worry about what spoke length you will need when ordering - we will work that out for you.

• Please allow 7 days for custom wheelbuilds, but it is usually less.

• Call us on 01942 826598 if you have any questions. Thanks. 

• If you order a tyre at the same time we will fit and inflate for you so it's ready to ride when you get it.

If you want us to build your wheels then a wheelbuild with your supplied parts is £20.00 plus spokes. If you have a hub but need a new rim for example you can drop it off or post it in to us to build.

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