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Darxide One Piece Crank and Bottom Bracket Combo

Brand: Darxide


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Brand: Darxide

Replacing the crank and bearing on your old school ride? Make it easy with this crank and bottom bracket set from Alans BMX. 

Darxide 170mm cromo one piece crank. Chrome plated. 

Loose ball bearing bottom bracket kit, including all bearing, cones and new cups. Silver plated. Fits all frames with American size bottom brackets (51mm ID). 

Similar to Sugino, SR & Takagi one piece cranks that would be fitted to BMX bikes back in the 1980’s.

We have fitted these for hundreds of bikes over the years, see images of a few we'd done. 

Perfect for your old school: Torker Robinson GT Haro Skyway JMC SE Patterson Diamond Back CW Ammaco Raleigh Burner Scorpion Mongoose Basset Pro Neck Auburn Powerlite Kuwahara Tioga Schwinn Huffy Hutch etc

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