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Demolition Axes Flangeless Grips

Brand: Demolition BMX

Code: HGDM1103K

Code: HGDM1103R

Code: HGDM1103U

Code: HGDM1103BR

Code: HGDM1103W

Code: HGDM1103CR

Code: HGDM1103TU

Code: HGDM1103TR

Code: HGDM1103GB

Code: HGDM1103L

Code: HGDM1103WB

Code: HGDM1103WR

Code: HGDM1103WU

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Brand: Demolition BMX

Demolition Axes Logo
Knurled Ends
Come in Mini-Flanged or Flange-less
Soft Krayton Rubber Compound
Modified Mushroom Pattern Style
Re-designed Bar Plugs for Durability Included