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Demolition RotatoR V4 Freecoaster Rear Wheel Black

Brand: Demolition BMX



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Brand: Demolition BMX

All new revamped and updated internals for Ryan "Biz" Jordan’s signature V4 RotatoR Pro freecoaster hub.

6061-T6 aluminum hub shell. 14 mm heat-treated hollow CrMo axle w/ Allen insert for easy removal. Triple wide driver bearings with all new clutch & spring that reduces drag while back pedaling, making this hub crank flip ready.

Includes 3 slack washers for adjustments. Includes both drive side & non drive side PC Hub Guard.

Drive and Non Drive side hub guards included. 

Available in RHD and LHD options.

Finished off with Axes CRMO Axle Nuts.