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Demolition Trooper Nylon Pedals

Brand: Demolition BMX

Code: PDDM0706K

Code: PDDM0706B

Code: PDDM0706KN

Code: PDDM0706W

Code: PDDM0706BR

Code: PDDM0706GB

Code: PDDM0706U

Code: PDDM0706UY

Code: 0810006442250

Code: PDDM0706WH

Code: PDDM0706WB

Code: PDDM0706WR

Code: PDDM0706WU

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Brand: Demolition BMX

The Demolition Trooper PC pedals in a ton of limited edition colours designed with Team Input.

10 Square Moulded Pins
Horizontal Concave for Grip
Nylon Plastic Body for Extra Life
2 Unsealed Bearings
Heat Treated CRMO Spindle
9/16" thread will fit all three piece cranks

Plastic and nylon pedal bodies are NOT Guaranteed against breakage.