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Dia-Compe Bulldog / Tech-6 Complete Brake Kit Silver

Brand: Dia-Compe


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Brand: Dia-Compe

Great value complete Dia-Compe brake kit for Old School BMX bikes comprising:

•  Front and rear Bulldog caliper brake. Front is regular type - if you are using a "Potts mod" freestyle set up with the cable through your stem bolt, you will need the Freestyle version instead which also comes with two rear cables. Please see separate listing below. 
•  Left and Right MX-128S (Tech-6) levers. These work much better than the earlier Tech-III levers etc. 
•  Front and rear genuine Dia-Compe BRS brake cables.
•  We also sell the Dia-Compe cable clips - please see separate listing, these come in 3 sizes and four colours.
•  Please also see our MX-890 and MX-1000 kits.