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Dia-Compe IB-2 Integrated Headset

Brand: Dia-Compe


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Brand: Dia-Compe

Genuine Dia-Compe IB-2 integrated sealed bearing headset with split compression ring.

*Note: Not all threadless headsets are the same!

Diatech/Dia Compe is one of the very few companies authorised to use the Dia Compe USA/Cane Creek patented "split compression ring”. Whilst this may appear a minor item... it actually has quite a significant effect in use. The split in the compression ring actually allows the ring to "grab" the fork steerer as the ring is compressed by the headset bearing adjustments.  The "grabbing" prevents any possibility of "knocking" from play between the fork and the headset. Many other so called Ahead type headsets do not have this patented feature... even though, at first glance they appear to offer much the same performance.

IB-2 headset features

•  Campagnolo system compatible. 

•  Integrated style bearings fit directly into headtube 

•  CNC alloy top cover.

•  Cane Creek "split compression ring".* 

•  45/45 degree ACB bearings. (41.8 x 30.5 x 8mm)

•  7075 alloy crown race 

•  8.3mm high aluminium top cap 

•  1/8" size only 

•  Gyro compatible with laser logo.