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Dia-Compe MX890 Rear Brake

Brand: Dia-Compe

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Brand: Dia-Compe

The Dia-Compe MX-890 pre-dates the MX-1000 and along with Shimano was the brake of choice before the "1000" came out. Perfect for all 80's restorations especially earlier 80's bikes (Raleigh Burner, Diamond Back Silver Streak, Torker 280, etc) these were still used into the mid-80's as a cheaper alternative to the 1000.

These new versions from DiaCompe actually look nicer in our opinion than the new MX1000 and they come in Black, Red, Blue, Gold Silver or White. Match them up with a Tech-II or Tech-III or IV levers and you have great looking brake set that only the cognoscenti will know aren't the originals.

•  Anodised (silver/black/red/gold/blue) and powder white.
•  68-86mm drop.
•  Cold forged aluminium arms.
•  160g.
•  Now with brown MX1000 brake pads
•  Front available here

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