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Dia-Compe Tech-5 MX183 BMX Brake Levers Pair

Brand: Dia-Compe


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Brand: Dia-Compe

The Tech-V was the first lever we had with the motorcycle-style clamp when it came out in the 80's. A total game changer for freestyle use, you could finally have some brakes that worked! Andy Preston was the first rider I saw running these.

If you have a old school and you want your caliper brakes to work - get these*

Black clamp and motorcycle-style adjuster.

Polished silver lever blade.

Sold as a pair left and right.


Perfect for your Old School BMX: Torker Robinson GT Haro Skyway JMC SE Patterson Hutch CW Diamond Back Raleigh Burner Tioga Ammaco Dyno Auburn GHP Kuwahara MCS Jag Elf Panda CYC Race Inc GJS Redline Cook Bros Webco DG Tange Powerlite MRD Curtis VDC Vincent Mongoose Patterson Pro Neck Huffy Schwinn Etc

* Even with these levers the brakes won't be as good as a disc of course, or even v-brakes, but they will be as good as you can get with a caliper brake.