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Dicta Chrome 1/8 Freewheel

Brand: Dicta

Code: DICFW001SL16T

4 Available

Code: DICFW001SL18T

13 Available

Code: DICFW001SL17T

9 Available

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Brand: Dicta

• Chrome finish - looks good on modern or oldschool bikes - very similar in looks to the original (and best!) Chrome Suntour freewheels.

• RHD only.

• 1/8 teeth - fits everything but the narrow 3/32 race chains (we also sell these in 3/32 please see separate listing.

• 16, 17 &18T fit a large thread hub, while the 14 & 15T fits the small thread.

• Uses the 4-key release system, so with a standard freewheel tool you can remove this (we also sell these tools). 

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