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DMR New V12 Mag Pedals

Brand: DMR

Code: DMRPD010BK916

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Code: DMRPD010GY916

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Code: DMRPD010WH916

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Brand: DMR

Over its 18 years of production the V12 has become recognized as the benchmark for flat pedal performance.  For 2014 DMR took our iconic V12 body design and redefined it.  Here’s how it’s better than before:



The new V12 [Mg] offers 10% more surface area than the classic shape.  This means better grip and also support for rougher conditions and bigger hits.



At just 16mm deep the V12 [Mg] is as slim as we could go whilst still retaining our legendary concave feel.



There is a 20% weight saving from the last V12 [Mg] weighing just 350g.­­


The V12 [Mg] runs on fully sealed bearings and a cro-mo axle. All pins on the pedal are replaceable and tunable for preferred grip.

350g per pair

Diamond Black, Pure White, and Mag Grey


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