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Eclat Bios Fat Padded Pivotal Seat Brown Leather

Brand: Eclat

Code: A100002506

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Brand: Eclat

The Fat padded version of the Eclat BIOS Pivotal seat, here in brown sythetic leather, with custom Eclat base. 

New Brown Leather colourway in the Eclat BIOS Pivotal Seat is now available. Using our very own custom designed seat base for maximum strength and durability, these seats are a huge improvement in functionality and aesthetics over the traditional Pivotal seat design. Available in Fat, Mid and Slim padding in a heap of colourways.

We spent over 2 years working on a new base structure which was super tough, robust and clean in aesthetics without raising the price of the seat. We machine tested the new BIOS seat in the lab under a load test and saw huge improvements in the nose and rear over the traditional Pivotal seat bases on the market.

We have plenty of new BIOS Pivotal seats to choose from now, from the “Hamilton Brown” option for those looking for something more sophisticated to the “Technical Black” version with grippy rubber side panels for added support on barspins. There are also plenty of small features including the custom designed bumpers and the new minimal rubber patch we developed to keep a clean look on the top cover.