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Eclat Carbonic Carbon Rim

Brand: Eclat

Code: A100000900

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Brand: Eclat

The first-ever Freestyle BMX specific Carbon Fibre Rim. The Carbonic Rim was 3 years of R&D into utilising the huge strength and stiffness properties of Carbon Fibre in a BMX rim. With a much wider/taller shape and a thicker layer of material around the critical areas, we are extremely happy with the end results and are stoked to bring a totally new kind of product to BMX.

We worked with one of the top Carbon Fibre manufactures in the world to ensure we were using only the best material and to make sure the rim was tough enough to comfortably give to any of our team riders. Tested extensively in the laboratory and together with the eclat team on the streets and on transitions, the Carbonic is for sure not a rim for everyone but for riders looking for an extremely stiff and lightweight setup, these could be the dream rims for you.


Available in a brakeless and brake specific option with a brake pad ready sidewall layer.

Torayca High Performance Carbon Fibre

37mm x 26mm, 36h only


First freestyle BMX specific carbon fibre rim/ incredibly lightweight and stiff compared to an alloy rim/ laboratory tested to withstand huge impacts/  rider tested by our Pro team/ tubeless ready/ offset spoke drilling for improved spoke alignment

360g (12.9oz : 0.80lbs)