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Eclat Contra Pedals

Brand: Eclat

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Brand: Eclat

The éclat Contra pedal is a custom low profile nylon pedal with 9/16" spindle to fit all three piece cranks. Available in Black, Army Green, Purple and Teal. 

When it came to designing the Contra pedal, we were having trouble keeping the pedal profile thin while not sacrificing the strength of the spindle. Instead of taking an ‘off-the-shelf’ spindle, we went and developed our own custom option which uses a smaller caged bearing, but stays thicker closer to the crank arm where you need the strength the most.

With removable pins on one side of the pedal, you can keep one side nice and grippy, and one side for grinding on. You can also put the steel pins in after the moulded pins have been worn down to give more life to your pedal.

The end result is a super low profile pedal, with an axle built to withstand the force of today’s toughest riding.

9/16" thread for all three piece cranks. 

Sold as a pair left and right.

Please use a specific bike pedal spanner when fitting pedals. Failure to do so could result in expensive crank damage.

NOTE: Plastic pedals are not guaranteed against breakage. If you are looking for a more durable pedal we'd suggest alloy instead. 

injection molded nylon / fibreglass


loose ball

black, purple, army green, teal

knurled top surface / crmo spindle / slim lightweight design / removable steel pins for customisable grip and longer life

389g (13.72oz : 0.85lbs) (per pair)