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Eclat Cortex Cassette Hub with Hub Guards Black

Brand: Eclat

Code: A100015468

Code: A100015469

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Brand: Eclat

Revered by street riders around the globe for it’s durability and reliability, the Cortex Freecoaster Hub is now joined by the Eclat Cortex Cassette Hub. Both hubs use bombproof reliable internals, which have been tested and developed along side the Éclat PRO team, and both hubs now include our Gong and Viper Nylon Guard’s making them fully street ready right out of the box.

The Cortex is also available now in RSD or LSD either as a hub or as a complete wheel laced up to our Trippin, Raven or Bondi rims.

6061-T6 alloy hub-shell

14mm hollow bore, male axle, hardened heat-treated crmo

3 high-quality bearing driver, high-performance durable bearings in hub shell.


durable and dependable 3 high-quality bearing driver with c-clip for longevity

super strong street cassette hub / RSD or LSD available / allen key inner axle for easy maintenance /  / Includes eclat Viper and Gong nylon-fibreglass hubguards / NEW eclat Chromoly axle nuts

608g / 21.45oz