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Eclat Dive Bars

Brand: Eclat

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Brand: Eclat

The Eclat Dive bars has been the handlebar of choice for most of the Eclat team since introduced back in 2010. What started off as one of the tallest bars on the market, then BMX caught up, so since then they introduced an 8.9″ and an even bigger 10″ version to keep everyone happy as well as the original 8.6 size. 

The Dive bar uses the finest heat-treated crmo tubing which is then butted internally in the places where you can afford to shed a few grams, but increased in thickness on the bends where you need the extra material.

For 2016 we decided to mix things up and increased the bending radius on the bars. Not only does this give the bars a more classic look, but it also helps make the bars much less likely to bend on impact.

The Dive Bars are available now in 8.6″, 8.9″ or 10″ in Black or classic Chrome.


Material: full liquid post heat-treated seamless 4130 crmo

Tubing: 7/8” multiple butted

Rise: 8.6″ / 8.9″ / 10″

Width: 29″ / 29.5″ / 30″

Backsweep: 10°

Upsweep: 2°

Colors: Black, Chrome

Features: Black ED under powdercoating, no-rust primer

Standard 22.2mm clamp size

Weight (8.6″): 791 g (10.26 oz : 0.64 lbs)

Weight (8.9″): 803g (28.32 oz : 1.77 lbs)

Weight (10″): 920g (32.5 oz : 1.77 lbs)