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Eclat Dublex Dual Lower Rotor Brake Cable

Brand: Eclat

Code: A100015266

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Brand: Eclat

The Dublex Lower Rotor cable is a high-quality, dual-style rotor cable compatible with any rotor/gyro on the market.

Utilizing the same premium quality inner and outer cable as our existing cable line, the Dublex Cable is the perfect replacement cable for riders running a rotor.


• cable: 1.5mm slick, stainless, pre-stretched
• poly-slick coated inner wire housing: 5mm compression less,
linear strands and stainless steel weave


1000mm long




• pro-spec dual rotor cable
• reinforcing stainless steel weave
• includes x2 adjustment bolts, x4 cable ferrules,
x2 cable knarps, removable dual cable guide & stopper
• ball cable nipple