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Eclat Exile Cassette Hub

Brand: Eclat

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Brand: Eclat

When it came to designing an all-new hubset focused at trail/transition riders, we knew we wanted to do something outside the realms of comfort. Designed together with Tyson Jones’Peni, the eclat Exile Cassette Hub features a super lightwight 7075-T6 alloy 6 pawl multi-tooth driver with 120 points of engagement for uncompromised speed and power.

With that much speed, we wanted to ensure you could slow down just as fast. Working with Tyson we wanted to create the perfect partner to his Wethepeople Chaos Machine frame which features a rear disc brake mount. By using a 6 bolt IS disc-mount on the hub, we were able to create one of the only 110mm disc brake BMX hubs on the market.

With a deafening buzz, and disc brake ready, the Exile Cassette Hub is set to make waves in the woods and on the concrete.


6061-T6 alloy refined hub-shell

4130 crmo female axle. 3/8″ thread / 14mm adaptors

2 sealed high-quality bearings, x3 driver bearings

7075-T6 alloy, 9t (10t sold seperatly)


black, silver polished, bronze


• ISO x6 bolt disc brake mount option

• lightweight, high-performance trail/transition hub

• super rapid engagement, 120 points

• 6 pawl multi-tooth weight saving 7075-T6 alloy driver

• durable and dependable 3-bearing system driver

• 10t driver available separately

• cnc machined knurled flush bolt caps

• inc. 17mm hex bolts and adaptors for 14mm dropouts

Disc Hub – PCD 58mm

Non-Disc Hub – NDS PCD 49mm / DS PCD 58mm