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Eclat Exile Pivotal Seat

Brand: Eclat

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Brand: Eclat

Eclat took their BIOS custom-designed Pivotal seat base for maximum strength and durability and added a retro-inspired ergonomic seat shape.

Designed together with Aussie trail/bowl legend Tyson Jones-Peni, the Exile Pivotal Seat offers classic styling with the very strongest Pivotal seat base on the market.

Available in classic Black or Tyson’s signature dress shoe-inspired faux-leather colourway for maximum style.

injected Pivotal base

Black, Tyson Black, Tyson Brown

eclat exclusively designed seat base, re-enforced nose, and rear section, Pivotal seat technology, retro-themed slim ergonomic padding, minimal rubber patch for a clean look

Slim, 283g (10oz/ 0.62lbs)