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Eclat Exile Railed Seatpost

Brand: Eclat


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Brand: Eclat

With the introduction of the new Exile trail and transition focussed line of products, Eclat wanted to offer their own take on the classic and now super popular again railed seat setup.

For the Exile Seat Post they wanted to simplify the railed system as much as they could. By using a super strong forged 6061-T6 alloy post and a very tidy one-bolt clamp they were able to offer a seat post which is as easy to assemble and as strong as a conventional pivotal system.

Material: 6061-T6 3D forged & CNC machined alloy

Size: 25.4mm

Length: 200mm


• railed system compatible seat post

• 10mm offset

• simple one bolt system for ease of use

• cnc finish, Éclat exclusive design