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Eclat Mirage Folding Tyre

Brand: Eclat

Code: A100002263

Code: A100002264

Code: A100002265

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Brand: Eclat

Another tyre from éclat? Yeah I know, but the Mirage is éclat's answer to the something like the Maxxis Grifter (in fact it is make by them, shhh!). So it is super light as you'd expect with a dual compound with a smooth centre and more grip on the sides. 

The Mirage was also designed with street riders in mind and uses a full bead-to-bead “Silkshield” protection layer and a special outer ridge which acts like a bumper and prevents the sidewall getting damaged during grinds.

Rated up to 110psi, the Mirage is perfect for street riders and ramp riders alike, and is one of the lightest tyres on the market, but sacrifices none of the strength and quality that a lot of lighter tyres give up in exchange for weight savings.

Available in 2.25″ (56.5mm), 2.35″ (59mm) and 2.45″ (63mm) options.