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Eclat Mugen Flatland Tyre

Brand: Eclat

Code: A100005064

Code: A100005065

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Brand: Eclat

The éclat Mugen tyre. Designed by éclat exclusively for flatland riding. Featuring a unique race-spec rubber compound for minimal rolling resistance and unrivalled grip. Ultra-round casing profile for the “perfect” rolling tyre. Available in 1.75″ and 1.95″ widths.


120 tpi high-pressure construction, wire bead


1.75″ (45mm) or 1.95″ (50mm)




• éclat’s first flatland tyre!

• fast-rolling, super grippy flatland tyre

• specially designed shape, perfect for flatland riding

• premium, road racing rubber compound for long life

• high rated pressure 110 PSI+

• micro-textured surface for increased grip on all surfaces, indoor & outdoor

• designed and tested with the Wethepeople Flatland team for x2 years to be one of the most durable and high-performing flatland tyres on the market


1.75″ 400g / 1.95″ 465g