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Eclat Onyx 3 Piece 24mm Cranks

Brand: Eclat

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Brand: Eclat

Revamped in 2018, the Eclat Onyx crank is the crank of choice for Eclat pros. Easily the finest and the most innovative 3pc Chromoly cranks to date, the Onyx cranks use an oversize super-hollow 24mm spindle, and a dependable 3pc design with a super strong invest cast spindle and pedal boss, these cranks are designed to take the strain, stress and power of today’s most fierce riders.

Designed to be paired up perfectly with our new Onyx Sprocket (or any other sprocket on the market), the Onyx Cranks are also available in a shorter 160mm and 165mm option for street riders.

tubular heat-treated 4130 crmo arms & crmo axle

160mm, 165mm or 175mm

24mm crmo ultra hollow

black, c.p.

NEW updated design and arm shape, super strong but lightweight crank / RSD & LSD compatible / investment cast pedal & spindle boss

175mm – 833g (29.4oz/ 1.83lbs)

Compatible with 24mm spline drive and bolt drive sprockets