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Eclat Plaza Pedals

Brand: Eclat

Code: A100003628

Code: A100003631

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Brand: Eclat

The éclat Plaza has quickly become a favourite of the pros and many struggle with the idea of going back to a smaller pedal. The Plaza features a knurled top surface and crmo spindle to give it a longer lifespan. We realised that pedals don’t need to remain small and as long as the weight is right the pedal can easily be larger in size.  Give them try, you might never go back.

9/16" thread for all three piece cranks. 

Sold as a pair left and right.

Please use a specific bike pedal spanner when fitting pedals. Failure to do so could result in expensive crank damage.

NOTE: Plastic pedals are not guaranteed against breakage. If you are looking for a more durable pedal we'd suggest alloy instead.