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Eclat Shift Freecoaster / Cassette Hub

Brand: Eclat

Code: A100004536

Code: A100004537

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Brand: Eclat

Utilising Wethepeople’s patented HYBRID SYSTEM technology, the Shift Freecoaster Hub is up to 33% lighter than any other Freecoaster and combines the smoothness and durability of a Cassette hub with the endless possibilities of a Freecoaster. Paired up with Viper and Gong Nylon hub guards and an adjustable slack system, the Shift can also easily be converted into a Cassette hub in a matter of seconds.

A new dawn for Freecoaster hubs has arrived and the Shift Hub is set to lead the way.

The Shift Freecoaster Hub is available now in RSD or LSD either as a hub or as a complete wheel laced up to Trippin, E440 or Bondi rims.

6061-T6 alloy hub-shell

14mm hollow bore, male axle, hardened heat-treated crmo

x3 high-quality bearing and bushing driver, x2 high-performance durable bearings in hub shell.



9t, driver features x3 bearings for added support


• revolutionary Freecoaster hub using the patented Wethepeople HYBRID SYSTEM internals
• Freecoaster & Cassette in one hub
• “MagnaDrive” Magnetic driver for increased performance & reliability
• incredibly reliable and lightweight freecoaster hub mechanism
• easily converts to a cassette hub with no additional parts
• simple slack adjustment
• durable and dependable 3-bearing system driver
• available in RSD or LSD
• includes Viper nylon hub guard and Gong driver hub guard

510g (17.9oz)