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Eclat Surge Alloy CNC Sealed Pedals

Brand: Eclat

Code: A100003627

Code: A100003626

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Brand: Eclat

The éclat Surge Alloy pedals is perfect for those looking for a high end sealed bearing alloy pedal for park, trails or even that sweet retro build. 

Built around a fully sealed bushing system to save weight, the Surge alloy pedal is constructed of 6066 CNC alloy, it features a low-profile slender design and cro-mo spindle. Built to last, the Surge pedal set comes complete with a set of replaceable pins and nylon impact ring. Lightweight and uncomplicated, the Surge pedals are a cut above the rest.

9/16" thread for all three piece cranks. 

Sold as a pair left and right.

Please use a specific bike pedal spanner when fitting pedals. Failure to do so could result in expensive crank damage.