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Eclat Tibia 2 Piece 22mm Cranks Gloss Black

Brand: Eclat

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Brand: Eclat

A true classic. The Eclat Tibia Cranks have been revered by riders across the planet for a decade as one of the most dependable cranks in BMX. Featuring an oversized arm design, unique profile and with an updated construction and manufacturing process, the Tibias are now stronger than ever. Renowned around the globe for their strength and reliability, if you need the right pair of cranks and fewer headaches, you might want to consider choosing the Tibia.

Sean Burns and Ty Morrow won’t ride anything else. Nuff said.

square shape heat-treated 4130 crmo arms & crmo axle

160mm, 165mm, 170mm or 175mmAxle

22mm crmo ultra hollow

gloss black

Brand new construction/ MEGA strong, twist resistant street crank / RSD & LSD compatible / 2 sprocket bolt holes on each side / greatest crank ever made?

complete: 975g / 2.14lbs (165mm)