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Eclat Trippin Rim

Brand: Eclat

Code: A100000898

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Code: A100005027

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Brand: Eclat

Building on the success of original Trippin rim, Eclat took the patented three pin design and widened up the rim to 38mm making it perfect for riders looking for a bombproof street rim, but at an affordable price.

The all-new Trippin Rim now features oversize 3mm pins making the rim tougher and more durable than any other pinned rim on the market.

6066-T6 alloy, patented 3 pin joint

38x19mm, 389mm ERD, 36h only

black, sandblasted red, polished silver

unique double wall design, wider 38mm profile and oversize 3mm pins, straight sidewalls for brake use.

567g (20oz/ 1.25lbs)