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Elevn V2 7.0 LT OS20 Race Fork

Brand: Elevn

Code: ELEFORK086

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Brand: Elevn

Tested and approved by the riders of the CHASE team, the ELEVN OS20 fork is one of the lightest and strongest forks on the BMX Race market. Still without a weight limit, it retains its features such as heat treatment, CNC machined dropouts, double butted tubes and triple butted steerer tube. It is offered in a 1-1/8" steerer tube for riders riding on size OS20 frames.

OS20 Chromoly fork with heat treatment
• 1-1/8" Triple Butted 
Steerer tube 
• Double Butted tapered tubes
• CNC machined 
• Axle: 10mm
• Offset: 31mm
Steerer tube height: 172mm
• Weight: 749g
• Sold with top cap and spacers