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Etnies Jameson Vulc BMX x Burn Slow Shoes Animal Print

Brand: Etnies

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Brand: Etnies

The Etnies x Burn Slow Jameson Vulc is the vulcanised version of Etnies best-selling shoe the Jameson 2. It retains footwear design simplicity while maintaining premium performance. Formula G a rubber formulated specifically for the rigors of bike riding. The Jameson Vulc uses a new last that has a lower toe box keeping the vamp closer to your foot which in turn keeps you closer to the board for a better flick and board feel. They have incorporated the tread pattern from the RCT- a team favourite by far. Inside the midsole is an egg crate construction to add some extra cushion and comfort to a vulcanised shoe with a STI Foam Lite 1 insole.

About Burn Slow
Burn Slow apparel brand based in Austin, Texas. Designer Adam Roye, Chase Hawk from CULT, Aaron Ross from SUNDAY, and photographer Devon Hutchins are the four people who have been from day one. Also currently they teamed up with professional riders such as Brett Silva, Julian Arteaga, and Devon Smillie who are active on the front lines. This is thri first colab with with Etnies.

Formula G a rubber formulated specifically for the rigors of bike riding
Pro Foam 1 molded PU footbed
Midsole pedal shank 1
Geo-Hex tread pattern
Low toe box to keep the vamp closer to your foot
Single wrap vulcanised foxing tape
Force Shield PU nubuck upper
Reflective heel panel for safety
Action Nubuck/Cordura