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Excess XLC OS20 451mm Race Rim

Brand: Excess

Code: EXCRIMS086

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Brand: Excess

Made in 6061 Aluminum with an anodized finish, EXCESS XLC rims are specially designed for BMX using OS20 frame size with 2 different aero rim profiles for the front or for the rear depending on the type of braking used. In addition, they have slightly inclined holes, for a more direct angle offering a more rigid shelving.

• Aluminum 6061-T6 double wall rim with anodized finish
• Optimized geometry for light weight and better resistance
• Dimensions: 451x28mm OS20
• Rear profile with CNC machined braking surface sidewalls
• Tubeless Ready
• Width: 28mm
• Height: 19mm
• ERD: 432
• Drilling: 36 holes
• Valve: Schrader A/V
• Weight: 359g

Recommended spoke tension: ≤115KGF