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Fairdale 2023 Weekender Bike Archer Matte Coral Red

Brand: Fairdale

Code: FDX-339-MCRD

Call us on 01942 826 598 for availability or an alternative!

Code: FDX-340-MCRD

Call us on 01942 826 598 for availability or an alternative!

Code: FDX-341-MCRD

Code: FDX-342-MCRD

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Brand: Fairdale

The Fairdale Weekender Archer is a “light-tourer” that would work as a weekday commuter and a weekend getaway machine.

Over the years Fairdale have refined the Weekender, but its focus has stayed the same. The riding position is comfortable for the long haul or an evening ride. The shifting is wonderfully simple to use, and the disc brakes get a nice power-boost from our own Linear Slic Kables, made for us by Odyssey®.

The Weekender has a redesigned geometry to work with 27.5 x 2.1" tires, and also leaves plenty of space for compatibility with 700c wheels if you ever feel like changing it up.*

Matte Black is available in Medium, Large, and X-Large.
Matte Coral Red is available in X-Small, Small, Medium, and Large.

Matte Black also available as a Frame/Fork Kit only.

*Please note that the X-Small and Small Weekenders use 27.5 x 1.65" Maxxis tires and these frame sizes are not compatible with 700c wheels.