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Federal Stance XL Rim Black

Brand: Federal

Code: RIFE003-BK1-36H

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Brand: Federal

The Federal Stance XL rim has a wider (40mm) cross section which is designed to be in keeping with modern tyre sizes and helps the tyre maintain its correct profile. The triple box section combined with the wider profile makes the rim both stronger and stiffer than conventional rims and also helps to reduce the possibility of pinch flats. The wall thickness where the spokes are located has been increased from 1.8mm to 2.2mm to reduce the possibility of spokes pulling through the rim

The material has been changed to 6066 which increases the strength by approximately 30% than a conventional Aluminium 6060 rim. The rims have a lower sidewall height (15mm compared to 20mm on most other rims) to give the rim a lower/wider appearance .The internal sidewall height is also reduced to keep the tyre firmly in place when inflated and the base of the rim is sunken to ease the installation and removal of tyres.

More Info:

New contemporary design using  triple box section

Wider profile rim (40mm)

Lower profile shape (15mm)

Aluminium 6066 material

Increased wall thickness around spoke holes

Wider spoke layout makes it easier to build the rim and tighten the spokes

Includes new 35mm wide XL rim tape