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Federal Vice 2 24mm Cranks Matt Black

Brand: Federal

Code: CRFE002-BK2-160

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Code: CRFE002-BK2-165

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Code: CRFE002-BK2-170

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Code: CRFE002-BK2-175

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Brand: Federal

The new Federal Stance V2 cranks now come with a hollow 24mm spindle and are supplied with a matching Mid bottom bracket so they are ready to fit to your bike for a Pro upgrade. 

The cranks feature a unique radius box section combined with the 24mm hollow 48 splined spindle to make these some of the strongest and stiffest bmx cranks on the market. The spindle and arms are both made from heat treated 4130 Chromoly and the spindle has been internally machined to reduce weight. The cranks are designed to take all the abuse of the modern street rider and the angular shape of the arms helps to make crank slides more stable. The embossed 'F' logo gives the cranks a unique and distinct appearance.

The crank are Left/Right compatible and the spindle bolts can be used with either 6mm or 8mm allen keys. The crank comes complete with a high quality Federal 24mm Mid bottom bracket.


24mm hollow 48 splined spindle makes the cranks stiffer without increasing the weight
4130 Chromoly heat treated arms and spindle
Angular profile of the arms makes crank slides more stable
Fits conventional sprockets and also 24mm splined sprockets
Left/Right hand compatible
Includes 24mm Mid bottom bracket bearings and spacers
Spindle bolts are compatible with 6mm and 8mm allen key sizes
Embossed Federal 'F' logo
Material: Heat treated 4130 chromoly
Crank arm length: 165, 170 or 175mm
Axle size: 24mm
Weight: 2lbs 1oz